Feel the Cali Sun


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Born in the Cali sun, Tokin starts with one very important ingredient:

growing the highest quality flowers in the mountains above the Pacific Ocean.  We believe in providing pure concentrates that we produce from seed to golden oil.  We sustainably support our cultivation family and make sure we do everything to create the finest flavors.  Tokin cartridges reflect the passion we have for vaping awesome cannabis.


Tokin oil is manufactured using a sophisticated and clean extraction process in our laboratory.

We use flower grown sustainably on our acres of California farmland.  We select strains based on purity and potency to deliver a naturally pure tasting product.  We test all of our oil at state-compliant labs to ensure quality, consistency, and flavor.


Our CBD vape comes in both a disposable vape pen and cartridge version.  They both contain incredibly potent CBD oil extracted from the highest potency cannabis strain Cannatonic.  It produces a very calming natural alternative blend made to relax and chill.  CBD has significant medical benefits.

Tokin disposable vape products use the same high quality Cali flower to produce the clear oil also in our cartridges. The Tokin disposable pen is for those on the go or out in public that need a little discretion while still Tokin 0.5grams of delicious Tokin oil.

If you already have a charger that you love, you can get any of our cartridges as disposable 0.5g cartridges, available wherever Tokin vape products are sold.


Our high quality cannabis oil comes in a variety of  flavors, including:

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